Schering-Plough Announces Collaboration With World Health Organization to Provide Access to Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Technology to DevelopingCountries

Mon, 02/23/2009 - 3:59am
Schering-Plough Corporation has announced a license agreementbetween Nobilon, Schering-Plough's human vaccine business unit, and the WorldHealth Organization (WHO) to provide access to pandemic influenza vaccinemanufacturing technology to developing countries. Fred Hassan, chairman and CEO, said, "This project demonstratesSchering-Plough's strong commitment to innovation and to providing access tomedicines. The avian influenza virus is already affecting several developingcountries, making pandemic influenza vaccine preparedness a global healthpriority. Our collaboration with the WHO is most important because it is aimedat allowing many developing countries to gain access to proven influenzavaccine manufacturing platforms." Under the agreement, which was signed recently at WHO headquarters inGeneva, Nobilon has granted WHO a non-exclusive license to develop, register,manufacture, use and sell seasonal and pandemic live, attenuated, influenzavaccines (LAIV), produced on embryonated chicken eggs. WHO will be permittedto grant a sub-license to vaccine manufacturers in developing countries working within the framework of the WHO Global Vaccine Action Plan…. Vaccinemanufacturers to whom a sub-license will be granted will be able to providevaccines to the public sector of developing countries royalty-free.Egg-based LAIV technology is specifically considered attractive for thispurpose because the manufacturing technology process is easier to transfer,capital investment is lower and yields are higher, as compared to inactivatedinfluenza vaccines. The WHO Global Vaccine Action Plan seeks to expand influenza vaccinemanufacturing capacity in developing countries and enhance the global supplyfor pandemic vaccines.



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