X-Ray Inspection System Designed For Quality Control In A HACCP Plan

Mon, 04/13/2009 - 11:26am
The PowerChekPlus x-ray inspection system is designed to be a powerful quality control tool in an HACCP Plan. It automatically "looks inside" the final sealed pharmaceutical package to confirm that all components are present while also identifying contaminated or damaged products. The system allows: inspection of final sealed foil, plastic or card containers or blister-packs; detection of metal, glass and high density rubber or plastic contaminants; discovery of missing and damaged products or doses even in multiple card stacks; Under/over fill inspection of liquid products. This system can inspect virtually any packaged nutraceutical product including blister packs, metal foils, boxes, pouches, bags, glass bottles and plastic bottles. It can also inspect products while they are still in a bandoleer before being cut into individual packages. PowerChekPlus X-ray Inspection System

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