Crucell Launches Global Brand to Promote Company's Name and Capabilities

Mon, 11/16/2009 - 3:48am
Global biopharmaceutical company Crucell N.V. today announced the launch of the global Crucell brand, a consistent identity for its worldwide activities and products. The rebranding is designed to promote recognition of the Crucell name and what it stands for: bringing meaningful innovation to global health, with a focus on combating infectious diseases. The establishment of a strong global brand will significantly support this mission. Today's launch is a major landmark in Crucell's strategy to build a new global organization out of three companies with a common passion for healthcare innovation. This ambitious development started in 2006, when Crucell-then a Dutch company known for its breakthrough technologies-acquired the vaccine companies Berna Biotech of Switzerland, SBL Vaccines of Sweden and Berna Products Corporation in the US. An intensive period of integration has resulted in a resilient and flexible organization geared for optimal performance and sustainable growth. Crucell's Chief Executive Officer Ronald Brus said:"I am proud to announce the launch of the global Crucell brand, which reflects and reinforces our position as a world leader in healthcare innovation. Over the past few years we have worked very hard to integrate the historically different organizations making up today's Crucell. We focus on capturing synergies, streamlining operations and building on our common values. Today's announcement is an important milestone in this development. We are ready for the next leap forward, as a strongly unified force in the global healthcare arena." Under the global branding program launched today, the use of the brand names Berna Biotech, SBL Vaccines and Berna Products Corporation on product packages, brochures, advertisements and other communications will be gradually phased out. All Crucell's marketing, sales and communication materials will be given a consistent look and branded with the Crucell logo. The eye-shaped logo symbolizes Crucell's vision as a company founded on innovation, continuously seeking for solutions to global health threats. The transition to the global Crucell brand will be formalized at the legal level, resulting in new statutory names for a number of Crucell companies. These changes will not have implications for existing contracts and agreements.



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