Actelion Extends Partnership With Invida To Market Tracleer In Key Asian Markets

Fri, 03/26/2010 - 4:38am

Invida Group, a provider of healthcare brands and services to the Asia Pacific region, today announced that its contract with Swiss biotechnology company, Actelion, has been extended through 2015 to continue commercialization of Tracleer® for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in crucial markets throughout Asia.  Actelion signed with Invida initially in 2005, and has extended the contract to market the company's lead product, Tracleer, in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

By extending the contract, Invida will continue to leverage its experience in regulatory and medical affairs, specialized marketing, and its well-established network of key opinion leaders throughout the region.  This partnership will allow Invida to continue working with a market-leading biotech firm and leverage its capabilities to commercialize an orphan drug that has proven ability to positively impact disease progression, as well as reduce severity and symptoms in patients with PAH.  Invida's suite of medical affairs capabilities and expansive knowledge of the Asia Pacific marketplace strategically positions the company to address challenges in the market, such as reimbursement and regulatory issues, and allow for the product to be promoted widely and successfully throughout the region.


Bill Fairey, Vice President, Australia-Asia Pacific Region at Actelion, said, "We are pleased to announce the continuation of our partnership with Invida, as their demonstrated expertise in commercializing the Tracleer brand has helped our sales grow in an increasingly competitive environment.  Invida has increased our presence in Asia and has given Actelion an edge in the global markets and a crucial foothold as we look forward to commercializing more products from our pipeline."

John A. Graham, Chief Executive Officer of Invida, said, "We are thrilled that we have extended our partnership with Actelion to continue our practice of furthering scientific breakthroughs by working with the world's market-leading biotechnology companies.  Invida is focused on fostering innovation and bringing cutting-edge pharmaceutical products to the Asia-Pacific region, and Actelion continues to provide us with a unique and exciting opportunity to do so."


Cheryl Tan, Regional Director of Asia Pacific for Actelion, said, "Working with the Invida team, from the standpoint of alliance management, has been an extremely beneficial process for Actelion, as their team presents an obvious commitment to our relationship and promoting the continued success of Tracleer within the region.  This commitment, combined with their depth of knowledge about the local markets and relationships with key members of the medical community, means that the continuation of a partnership was a natural step."


Renaat Janssen, Vice President of Alliance Operations and Primary Care at Invida, said, "We are pleased to be continuing this partnership as our work with Actelion has been so successful.  In addition to the opportunity to promote this market-leading product, the partnership provides us with the opportunity to work with a corporation that is as committed to the Asia Pacific region as we are, as well as the advancement of mutually beneficial business relationships.  Our goal with this alliance, and all of our alliances, is to accelerate the introduction of innovative products to Asian markets to the benefit of patients, caregivers and partners."






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