Dendrite Launches Sample Management Solutions in Europe

Wed, 03/24/2010 - 5:01am

Cegedim Dendrite, a provider of pharmaceutical and life sciences CRM solutions, today announced the launch of Sample Management Solutions, a new offering in Europe designed to help biopharmaceuticals companies comply with legal requirements associated with sample distribution.

For biopharma companies in Europe, sample distribution to physicians is a key activity and complying with the associated legal requirements of various countries can be a tremendous administrative burden. Companies must comply with regulations pertaining to delivering a limited number of samples per product, per call, per physician and per period of time. They have to track the batch numbers, organize the physical archiving and the document flow for audits made by health authorities or third parties. These activities generate a great deal of internal administrative work in order to track and reconcile different data to ensure compliance requirements.

"Sample management is a huge task. For example, a top-3 company with 50 products delivers more than 55,000 samples a year. Organizing the physical archiving and document flow of all the batches is a tremendous administrative task and one that requires automation in order to be completed accurately and promptly," said Arnim Jost, Cegedim Dendrite Compliance Activity Project Leader.

Cegedim Dendrite's end-to-end sample accountability solution takes the burden off the pharmaceutical company's internal resources by ensuring that sample tracking is compliant with country-specific regulatory requirements and supporting optimal audit results.

Effective sample tracking can also generate added value to other strategic areas such as manufacturing and promotional activities. "The pharmaceutical company can also use this data to ensure its sample manufacturing is well adapted. And on a promotional side, by analyzing what are the most requested samples, the company can leverage its promotional strategy with the help of a CRM solution," explained Mr. Jost.



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