Unilife and Sanofi-Aventis Agree to Exclusivity List for Unifill(TM) Ready-to-Fill Syringe

Wed, 03/03/2010 - 3:33am

Unilife Corporation has agreed to a list of therapeutic drug classes within which sanofi-aventis has the exclusive right to purchase the Unifill(TM) ready-to-fill syringe.

Sanofi-Aventis has secured exclusivity for the Unifill(TM) syringe within the full therapeutic classes of antithrombotic agents and vaccines until June 30, 2014 ("Period of Exclusivity"). These two therapeutic classes together represent the majority of all prefilled syringes consumed globally. Sanofi-aventis has also secured Product exclusivity in an additional six smaller sub-groups that fall within other therapeutic classes that Unilife believes represent new market opportunities in the pharmaceutical use of prefilled syringes.

The scope of the Exclusivity List allows Unilife to commence formal discussions with other pharmaceutical companies relating to the potential use of the Unifill(TM) syringe within a number of significant therapeutic classes that fall outside of those areas retained by sanofi-aventis.

In accordance with the Exclusive Agreement, sanofi-aventis will receive a ten year extension on its Period of Exclusivity within a designated therapeutic class should sanofi-aventis purchase commercial quantities of the product prior to July 1, 2014. This extension will be reduced on a per therapeutic class basis to five years in the event that sanofi-aventis does not sell a minimum of 20 million units of the Unifill(TM) syringe for use with an injectable drug product to be marketed for this therapeutic class in at least one of the first five years of the Additional Period.

During the Period of Exclusivity, sanofi-aventis may also nominate additional therapeutic sub-groups to be placed onto the Exclusivity List should the Company not have already signed a commercial arrangement within this sub-group with a third party. Before an additional therapeutic class can be added to the Exclusivity List, both parties will need to be reasonably satisfied that a target drug suitable for use with the Unifill(TM) syringe is likely to generate a commercial order.

Unilife CEO Alan Shortall stated: "The agreement of an exclusive list of therapeutic drug classes with sanofi-aventis for the purchase of the Unifill(TM) syringe is a significant business milestone for Unilife. The confined nature of the therapeutic sectors defined within the Exclusivity List considerably expands our commercial opportunities with additional pharmaceutical companies. In return, sanofi-aventis retains the opportunity to nominate the placement of additional therapeutic drugs onto the Exclusivity list provided they are commercially favorable and do not infringe upon any future agreements we may sign with other pharmaceutical companies. This is indicative of the strong collaborative relationship that has been established between both parties. We look forward to commencing supply of the Unifill(TM) syringe after the scheduled completion of the industrialization program."



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