PAHO/WHO will celebrate World Health Day on 7 April

Sat, 04/02/2011 - 9:21am
Pan American Health Organization

No action today, no cure tomorrow

World Health Day 2011 is dedicated to antimicrobial resistance, a major threat to patient care and disease control throughout the world. Antimicrobial resistance is a significant obstacle to success in controlling HIV, malaria and tuberculosis—three of the world's leading infectious killers. This serious problem also makes it more difficult to treat hospital-acquired infections, facilitates the emergence of "superbugs" that are resistant to major antibiotics, and creates the need for new, more expensive and more complex treatments. 

World Health Day 2011 seeks to raise awareness of factors that contribute to antimicrobial resistance, to build commitment to common solutions across diseases, and to encourage the implementation of policies and practices that can prevent and contain antimicrobial resistance.


Dr. Mirta Roses message in Portuguese

The banner for World Health Day 2011 emphasizes the importance of Antimicrobial Resistance, an obstacle in the control of communicable diseases, including infection by HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

Under the slogan Combat Drug Resistance: No action today, No cure tomorrow, PAHO/WHO will increase awareness of antimicrobial resistance and will work to promote the development and implementation of policies that will allow for its containment.



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