Mystic Pharmaceuticals Receives U.S. Patent for Intranasal Delivery Technology for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 8:09am


Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an integrated specialty pharmaceutical company, announced today it has been granted U.S. Patent No. 8,377,009, “Intranasal Cartridge Devices” a novel device technology for delivering drugs and biologics into the body via the nasal route. This delivery system is based upon the company’s VersiDoser® and VRx2™ unit dose packaging and delivery platforms.
Mystic’s President and CEO, Timothy Sullivan stated that, “The US market for nasal pharmaceuticals is projected to hit $4.25B by 2015 for a broad range of therapeutic drugs. Nasal vaccines will further expand this market opportunity for our technology. Our VersiDoser® and VRx2™ delivery solutions are designed to enhance the patient experience by making these products safer, easier and more convenient to use.” Applications for the company’s intranasal delivery technology include vaccines for infectious diseases such as pandemic or seasonal influenza and therapeutics for pain management, seizure, emesis, depression, hormone therapy and diabetes.

Mystic’s patient oriented delivery technology, used in combination with pharmaceutical drugs and biologics, provides the patient a superior product experience to facilitate compliance and adherence to prescribed use leading to improved health outcomes. For manufacturers, developing patient oriented combination products will benefit the consumer and can extend or establish market exclusivity and competitive differentiation for new or existing products. Mystic’s delivery solutions are engineered to meet the diverse demands of manufacturers and consumers in a globally competitive market.




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