Optel Vision Selects ROC IT to Manage Serialized Assets in the Warehouse

Thu, 04/04/2013 - 10:45am

Optel Vision is proud to announce that they have selected ROC IT Solutions to be their preferred supplier for the warehouse solution to manage serialized assets.  This allows Optel Vision to integrate ROC IT's top of the line tools along with its TrackSafe™ software suite. Optel Vision's TrackSafe™, coupled with ROC IT's complete warehouse solution now allows real time data exchange from the packaging line to the warehouse.
"Optel Vision's Warehouse Station is now the most complete offer on the market and the only one capable of managing efficiently a greater volume of transactions and operations for large warehouses and DCs, thanks to the great design and mobile devices of ROC IT.  Combined with Optel Vision's best in class Turnkey solution for Track & Trace, pharmaceutical companies can now have the best solution adapted for the warehouse." says Louis Roy, President of Optel Vision.
“We are tremendously excited to be part of this relationship that blends our talents in manufacturing and warehouse operations to provide our clients and prospects with a more comprehensive Track and Trace solution footprint” said Larry Hall, President at ROC IT. “We see this relationship as a major step in our ongoing efforts to work with industry groups, leading solution providers and life science manufacturers and distributors to improve patient safety.”
The Optel Vision Warehouse Station includes everything needed to print, apply, capture, verify, rework, decommission, submit serial numbers and ship in the warehouse. It also captures data from barcode scanners and RFID readers and integrates with printers, back-end systems, ePedigree applications and repositories.  It is the fastest and most effective way to integrate item level serialization into your existing supply chain processes.  TrackSafe™ technology for the pharmaceutical industries can be integrated directly into common ERP systems and associated repositories (such as SAP AII, SAP OER, Frequentz, Axway, etc).  This non vendor-locking serialization system gives the power and flexibility to integrate with other systems when and how you choose.
For 24 years, hundreds of pharmaceutical companies around the globe have trusted Optel Vision’s highly reliable automated vision systems to significantly reduce health risks associated with mislabeled products, dosage errors and product mix-ups.  With Optel Vision, the industry not only benefits from our extensive experience in packaging line inspection and serialization systems, but also with our unmatched passion for innovation. Optel Vision’s dedicated teams have developed a unique online serialization application to improve the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s ability to reduce counterfeiting and further enhance patient safety.  Optel Vision’s continuous investment in researching new cutting edge technologies guarantees that our customers receive the most innovative solutions to meet their challenging needs. Our vision solution's guarantee of success is founded on our strong project-oriented processes, based on GAMP guidelines, which ensures we meet all requirements within the shortest deployment time and deliver a validation-ready system.  Optel Vision's tailor-made turnkey solutions are inspecting and serializing products in more than 20 countries. (
ROC IT Solutions enables serialized label printing, receiving, shipping, returns, deactivation, aggregation and de-aggregation at all points in the supply chain, from manufacturers to wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Through more accurate and efficient supply chain serialization, ROC IT Solutions helps companies protect revenues, combat counterfeiting and diversion, and ensure consumer safety. ROC IT software enables supply chain serialization through “intelligent edge data capture.” Our solutions allow companies to capture and process data for serialized assets at the edge of the supply chain, where materials handling takes place. By reducing data capture errors and providing real-time decision making at the point of materials handling, our solutions enable serialized product tracking without bottlenecks or bandwidth issues. Our unique distributed architecture enables agile and scalable solutions that are easily deployed and maintained to support any ERP, ePedigree, track-and-trace, Auto-ID or other application, as well as interoperability with any device for barcode and RFID data capture, using GS1 standards.  The ROC IT Solutions team has provided consulting services, project management and software support to global corporations for nearly 20 years. (



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