Changsung VP and Softgel Expert Ramiro Goni Barba To Speak at INTERPHEX 2014

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 11:56am

Ramiro Fernando Goni Barba, a partner of CHRIS HILLSETH ENTERPRISES and a veteran of the softgel industry, has been chosen by INTERPHEX 2014 to give a presentation titled “Scientific Advancements in Softgel Technology that will Drastically Change Manufacturing”. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 from 1:30-2:30pm at 1E12, Javits Center Level 1 in New York. Goni will be describing the drastic developments currently taking place in the softgel landscape, including the emergence of new high-speed equipment, machine automation that takes the craftsmanship out and puts PAT (Process Analytical Technology) in, and a Gel Reclaim System that actually recycles gelatin to reduce gel waste, lower costs, and dramatically increase productivity.
According to Ramiro Goni, VP at CHANGSUNG, “Softgel technology is becoming more advanced as applied experience is translating into improved operations. When companies are able to keep up with these developments, they receive great economical benefits including better ROI, greater efficiency, and a higher quality product”. In his presentation, Goni will be outlining a gelatin reclaim system that recovers gelatin scrap and turns it into a 99.9% pure gelatin solution that is exactly the same, if not better, than new gelatin. The system has already been implemented outside of the United States, in countries such as New Zealand and Columbia. Goni adds, “The first company that adopts this technology in the United States will undoubtedly be ahead of the curve”. The entire system can be documented and proven for regulation and provides a payback in just 18 months.

Christopher Hillseth, President and CEO of Chris Hillseth Enterprises, and United States distributor of CHANGSUNG Softgel Equipment, is proud to host this presentation along with Goni. He comments, “This will be a very informative and eye-opening presentation for anyone involved in softgel manufacturing. We believe that this is information that everyone should know and take advantage of, and we can help them do just that”. Chris Hillseth Enterprises will be exhibiting at INTERPHEX 2014 along with CHANGSUNG. Their booth, #1771, will showcase a high speed machine, an R+D machine, tumble dryer, and a piece of CHANGSUNG’s Gel Reclaim System. CEO of CHANGSUNG, Ju Su Kim, will also be in attendance. More information about Chris Hillseth Enterprises and CHANGSUNG can be found at:

Attendees of Ramiro Goni’s presentation will learn about how to reduce gelatin waste, how new technology is improving softgel product, and how to reduce costs. 


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