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Bioprocess Monitoring System

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 9:19am

The Ranger™ system provides real-time, in-line bioprocess monitoring and fermentation control to increase yields of fully functional biologics. It can be integrated into all bioprocessing systems, running microbial or mammalian cell cultures, and enables bioprocess managers to monitor and control metabolic rate, observe batch processing trends and accurately determine end of process. The output can be used to automate the feeding regime of the culture. The system is comprised of Ranger Manager, an intelligent multi-probe management system, and Ranger Probe, a refractive index media sensor. The system can be used to determine both the relative batch quality, compared to previous process trends, or to identify and react to key process characteristics. Applications include automated fed batch control of additions into a bioreactor. The control unit allows from four or eight probes to be deployed in parallel and is designed for laboratory bench-top use, pilot-scale environments and full production scale. Users can choose to employ the control unit as a standalone data recorder, or interface it directly with data handling or control systems using optional OPC or analogue connectivity. The touchscreen interface allows data capture and real-time display to be customized to the user’s preferences. Recorded data can be exported from the system for offline analysis using the USB interface or transmitted over a data networks via Ethernet protocols.

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