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Code Detection System

Thu, 05/08/2014 - 4:29pm
Nikita Ernst, Associate Editor


Introducing a new Code Detection System, a combination of hardware and software that provides an enhanced level of code assurance by automatically checking for the presence of a printed code on every product. Ideal for flat packaging with a white or light marking window, the new Code Detection System allows manufacturers to easily inspect ink jet printed codes on their packaging. Using presence/absence detection, the system verifies that the amount of contrast in the marking area is sufficient, helping to catch common printing issues including missing, mis-positioned and clipped codes. The system allows users to easily set a threshold for a code to be considered unacceptable, as well as set a limit for the number of bad codes that can be detected before a fault is indicated. The system bracket holds the product detector, printhead, camera and print detector automatically in alignment with each other, providing optimum performance without the need for physical adjustments. Integrated lighting takes the guesswork out of system configuration, removing the need for manual alterations and helping to eliminate errors associated with changes in ambient light.



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