Biopharmaceutical Processing

Single-Use Film

 PureFlex™ Plus film is a robust, durable film used in the construction of Mobius single-use process containers for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Connector & Transition Sleeves

Sefar, Inc.

Introducing completely customized connector and transition sleeves that can be tailored specifically to your pharmaceutical application.

Bulk Bag Material Conditioner

Material Transfer & Storage, Inc.

This patented bulk bag material conditioner system utilizes hydraulically actuated, heavy wall tubular steel pivoting conditioning arms.

Clean Room Equipment & Supplies

Cabinet Oven

The Grieve Corporation

Introducing the No. 949 is a 500°F, electrically-heated Class 100 cleanroom oven, currently used for heating glass vials at the customer’s facility.

Accsense 3-Year Temp Monitoring & Alarming Kit

CAS DataLoggers
Continual Temperature Monitoring and Alarming for your hospital, clinic or pharmacy for less than $1 per day --isn’t that a low price to pay for peace of mind? Now you can buy our most popular LAN-Wired datalogger along with a single temperature probe and a 3-year complete monitoring subscription for under a dollar a day each year!

Ceiling Mounted Air Filtration Units

Air Science Usa

These ceiling mounted filtration units are designed to protect laboratory personnel and the environment in areas where hazardous substances are handled.

Lab Instrumentation & QA/QC

Three New Resins For Chromatography Columns

Announcing the availability of three new chromatography resins for Chromabolt® prepacked columns.

Cone Central Shaft Dryer


This central shaft dryer technology is a more efficient and more cost effective drying method.

Powder Flow Tester

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories
Brookfield Powder Flow Tester provides quick, easy analysis of powder flow behavior. This unit is ideal for manufacturers who process powders daily and want to minimize or eliminate the downtime and expense that occur when hoppers/silos fail to discharge. Customers can perform QC checks on incoming materials, quickly characterize new formulations and adjust composition to match the flow behavior of established products. Unit tests flow function, time consolidation, wall friction, and bulk density. Brookfield offers the first three Powder Sample Tests free of charge with a nominal charge for additional sample testing. Arrangements can also be made for customers to use the PFT at their facility for a one-week trial period.


Hollow Microstructured Transdermal System

3M Drug Delivery Systems

Introducing a hollow microstructured transdermal system (hMTS) for pharmaceutical and biotech companies interested in conducting preclinical studies.

Contract Packaging

With 25 years in operation, Praxis is an FDA cGMP certified contract packaging company specializing in secondary packaging for the consumer product, cosmetic, food & beverage, OTC and Rx pharmaceutical markets as well as bottling of oral solid dosage products.

Softgel Systems

The CHANGSUNG brand provides operational excellence through space-saving, time-saving, and high-efficiency options for any size manufacturer. 


Protective Packaging System

New, proprietary technology is capable of producing several different inflatable pillow patterns on one machine to accommodate most any void-fill and wrapping requirements. 

Chemical-Resistant Film

The new Exponent film represents a collaboration between Ineos’ Barex and Rollprint’s own ClearFoil and targets pharmaceutical and other chemically-sensitive applications which require exceptional barrier and clarity. 

Multi-Media Carton

Introducing a carton that can be equipped with multi-media consumer engagement features, including a thin, lightweight HD video screen – complete with sound – seamlessly integrated into a standard or custom-designed carton. 

Process Automation

Accsense 3-Year Temp Monitoring & Alarming Kit

CAS DataLoggers
Continual Temperature Monitoring and Alarming for your hospital, clinic or pharmacy for less than $1 per day --isn’t that a low price to pay for peace of mind? Now you can buy our most popular LAN-Wired datalogger along with a single temperature probe and a 3-year complete monitoring subscription for under a dollar a day each year!

CAEN RFID Temperature Tags

CAS DataLoggers
The new Easy2log© UHF RFID Temperature Logger Tags are ideal solutions for the Food & Beverage and Pharma industries. With high accuracy and a low cost, these cold chain loggers are compact for use in shipping and storage. Perfect for your cold chain operations, these RFID temp tags enable you to instantly check the temperature of your products at every link of the chain.

Radar Level Transmitter

Endress + Hauser, Inc.

The FMR5X free space radar level transmitter can measure level or volume of liquids and bulk solids products in metal or plastic tanks, stilling wells or other vessels up to 131 feet high with accuracy up to ±0.078 inch.

Process Components, Supplies and Instrumentation

Lab Furniture Systems

Hemco Corporation

Introducing furniture offerings including base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops, sinks, fixtures, base-tables, mobile work stations, specialty storage cabinets and peg boards. 

Heavy Duty Rear Spray Nozzle

Archon Industries, Inc.

Introducing a Rear Trigger Heavy Duty Spray Nozzle for washdown service.

Rechargeable Portable Mass Flow Meters

Alicat Scientific, Inc.

Introducing a new line of rechargeable portable gas mass flow meters. 

Processing Equipment

Hydropneumatic Tanks

Charles Ross & Son Co.

Ross Hydropneumatic Tanks and Pressure Vessels are built in any capacity up to 100,000 gallons, with working pressures from 50 to 200 psig, for indoor or outdoor installation. 

Tablet Elevator

NJM Packaging

Introducing the new TE 20 tablet elevator, ideal for tablets, capsules and softgels. 

Drum Discharging System

Drum discharging system safely and efficiently empties drums of various materials into your process. 

Raw Materials/Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Micro-Crystalline Cellulose

Company now offers its own range of Micro-Crystalline Cellulose (MCC) products to the North American market. The company has also acquired Indian excipient manufacturer Brahmar Cellulose Products Private Ltd (BCPL).                    

Polysorbate Products

Super Refined® J.T.Baker® Polysorbate 20 and 80 are designed to improve solubilization and stability in a variety of biopharmaceutical and small-molecule drug formulations. These products are commonly used in pharmaceutical formulations such as parenteral, otic, ophthalmic, oral and topical preparations.

Air Flow Amplifiers

Pharmaceutical Processing

Air flow amplifiers are designed to support conveying and weight sorting requirements. These bladeless amplifiers have no moving parts, improving safety and eliminating shock hazards in your facility. They are especially useful in conveying small parts such as capsules


High-Security Modular Vault Systems

Company provides technologically advanced, high-security modular vault systems for DEA validated storage of Schedule I and II controlled substances per 21 CFR 1301.72.  Vaults are complemented by cage systems that accommodate Schedule III, IV and V, in addition to bullet resistance and a full suite of electronic security.

IPS Commissioning & Qualification

IPS - Integrated Project Services
Improving Operations and Minimizing Costs Commissioning is a well-planned, documented and systematic process of testing and analyzing to ensure facilities, building systems and equipment perform safely, meet design requirements, reduce operational costs and extend overall equipment life. Our services are based on providing a strategic, value added approach to our clients. Our key differentiator is our alignment with our client’s compliance and business drivers to deliver best value while maintaining full compliance.

IPS Construction

IPS - Integrated Project Services
For successful project completion, our construction and EPCMV team delivers technically complex projects on time and on budget. With an "A" safety conformance rating*, we have completed >$2B of in-place construction in the US and Puerto Rico, ranging from major master-planned expansions to small-scale research, healthcare and manufacturing renovations. Our full service offerings include EPCMV / Design-Build, Construction Management, Construction Management, Estimating / Cost Management, Value Engineering, Lean Project Delivery, Preconstruction, Procurement Strategies, Project Controls and Project Management. We are Technical Builders. We Work Safely. We Control Costs. We Drive Schedules.
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