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Improved Diagnostics from Decentralized Solenoid Valves and I/O Systems

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 3:08pm

Information about the health of a control system, the I/O systems, field devices and final control elements can be critical for plant operation and uptime. Timely diagnostic information can mean the difference between a quick repair and hours or days of unplanned downtime. This is especially true of pneumatics and solenoid valves used as air pilots, which are often the forgotten parts of a modern control system.

In the past, and in many plants even today, diagnostic information is captured in many ways, including manually, using clipboards, Excel spreadsheets, barcode readers, and by laptops carried into the plant. Much of this data winds up being unused and discarded. The information isn’t available in real time to allow real time decision-making on the part of operators, engineers, and maintenance managers.

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