Last week at INTERPHEX2007, Rockwell Automation demonstrated its integrated control and information systems and services. The company highlighted areas important to pharmaceutical manufacturing, including power and energy management, process optimization, packaging, manufacturing execution systems and customer support.

"Both life sciences companies and the OEMs serving them are under constant pressure to meet the universal manufacturing demand for high quality, high value, high performance and innovation," said Bob Honor, vice president of Life Sciences, Rockwell Automation. "To remain globally competitive, manufacturers must increase operational efficiency and minimize risk and cost. We can help them connect islands of information and automation across business, manufacturing and utility systems to achieve their goals and gain a distinct competitive advantage."

At the show the company showcased its solutions and global support capabilities for the life sciences industry including:

Process - For pharmaceutical manufacturers, bridging the gap between a variety of process and discrete applications is essential for cost-effective plant control and streamlined production. The company showcased its Integrated Architecture, which helps manufacturers take advantage of the latest techniques in process control using modular, scalable plant-wide control systems that extend from process to discrete and from shop floor to top floor.

Manufacturing Execution Systems - Highlighted at INTERPHEX, Rockwell Software RS PMX CTM version 4.0, RS PMX MES version 4.2 and FactoryTalk ProductionCentre MES software applications provide real-time visibility into the production process to help life sciences companies improve full-scale manufacturing operations to shorten development-to-manufacturing cycles. These offerings use an integrated approach to process analytical technology and enable companies to accelerate technology transfer from R&D to production.

Utilities - To help manufacturers better understand their power and energy usage, the company displayed its power and energy management solutions, as well as its Qualified Building Automation Systems (QBAS) solutions that provide highly controlled environments for heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Packaging - Scalable automation technology from Rockwell Automation includes a wide range of integrated control and information systems for packaging applications that can provide life sciences manufacturers with significant productivity and cost savings benefits.

Support - Life sciences companies' ability to predict, prevent and minimize production disruptions is critical to assure plant-floor assets work together for optimized performance.