When a major mid-western based pharmaceutical company needed a complete CIP system for cleaning out storage tanks they turned to Pick Heaters, Inc. The customer wanted a fully automated packaged system with sequenced caustic feed capability.

The process called for 160oF water at 180 PSIG for spray nozzles at a rate of 140-210 GPM. Pick Heaters designed a complete package including boost pump, electronic controls and all inlet and outlet piping on a 52” x 110” frame.

The system is fully automatic. A 20% caustic solution is metered in for final concentrations of .5 - 2.0%. The operator simply programs cycle times for hot rinse, caustic wash, cold flush and the caustic concentration desired. The program can also be bypassed to operate any sequence manually.

Due to 100% heat transfer and precise temperature control, the Pick Direct Steam Injection Heater provides an unlimited supply of 160oF water instantly on demand. The customer also benefits from Pick’s engineering and design expertise and soul source responsibility.

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