Health Canada response to "Caffeine in juice bad move" (Edmonton Journal, Letter to the Editor, March 24, 2010)

Letter to the Editor


March 26, 2010

In response to an article appearing in the Edmonton Journal's Opinion section (Caffeine in juice bad move March 24, 2010), Health Canada wishes to clarify the following:

Health Canada takes the health and safety of Canadians very seriously. When making decisions about food additives, such as caffeine, the safety of Canadians is our top priority.

The department's recent decision to expand the allowed use of caffeine to non-cola soft drinks does not affect fruit juices in any way. In fact, the wording of the Interim Marketing Authorization is very specific to apply only to carbonated soft drinks, essentially pop. The addition of caffeine to other foods, including juices, is not allowed.

Health Canada encourages all Canadians to follow a balanced diet including a variety of foods according to Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide. The Food Guide recommends that Canadians drink water as their beverage of choice and look for other healthy beverage options, such as milk, fortified soy beverages or 100 per cent juices. Consumption of other beverages, including soft drinks, should be limited.


Dr. Samuel Berejeb Godefroy

Director General

Food Directorate, Health Canada