Ingelheim, Germany, 14. April 2010 - Boehringer Ingelheim announced today that Boehringer Ingelheim Japan Investment GK ("BIJI") successfully completed its tender offer to acquire common stocks of SSP Co., Ltd. ("SSP"). The offer period expired on 13. April 2010 and a total of 93.8 % of outstanding SSP shares were tendered and accepted at JPY 710 per share. Total consideration for the offer is approximately JPY 77.2 billion (approx 611 Mio. €).

BIJI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boehringer Ingelheim Auslandsbeteiligungs GmbH ("BIAB"), a management company of the majority of the overseas Boehringer Ingelheim group of companies. Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd., which is also a wholly-owned Japanese subsidiary of BIAB and a former parent of SSP, tendered all its SSP shares (approximately 60.2% of the issued shares) in the offer.

After the completion of the offer, BIJI intends to request that SSP take series of procedures necessary under the Japanese law to make SSP a wholly-owned subsidiary of BIJI.


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