OTTAWA - Health Canada is aware of two crib recalls posted on April 29 by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ) involving Simplicity and Graco®-Branded cribs. Under the current legislation, Canada does not have mandatory recall powers or the ability to trace products through the supply chain. As a result, we are following up with Canadian manufacturers and distributors to determine whether these products were available in Canada and pose a risk to Canadians. In the meantime, we encourage parents to follow Health Canada's safe sleep guidelines and inspect their cribs for worn or broken hardware or any other visible signs of wear or damage. For further information the Next link will take you to another Web site Simplicity and Next link will take you to another Web site LaJobi recalls, please visit the U.S. CPSC web site.

Health Canada will post additional information as soon as possible. We encourage consumers to check Health Canada's recall database for updates.

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