Olympus Biotech today announced that it has been named the number one best large company to work for in New Hampshire by Business New Hampshire Magazine. The publication annually identifies companies whose employees are engaged and enjoy their jobs, have great benefits, and take pride in the work they do.  Olympus Biotech has been recognized for having an innovative work environment and culture, a high level of employee satisfaction and stellar business practices.

Olympus Biotech finds that having a high performing work culture is conducive to productive and involved employees, enabling Olympus to create the highest-quality products and provide the best services to its clients. Olympus Biotech recently announced its new contract manufacturing offering to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries at its state-of-the-art facility in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

“We are thrilled to be named the best large business to work for in New Hampshire,” said Peter Gariepy, Vice President, Operations. “Olympus Biotech prides itself on being a global industry leader. Without the commitment and diligence of our employees, we would not be able to manufacture quality products and provide the high quality CMO services that we do. It is their dedication, teamwork, and determination that allows us to successfully achieve our objectives and we are honored to be recognized by Business New Hampshire Magazine.”

The submissions for “Best Companies to Work For in New Hampshire” are reviewed extensively, being judged on company culture, employee development, mission statement, employee statements and benefits, thus narrowing the field to 20 semi-finalists. Judges then conduct site visits for those 20 companies and a third set of judges choose the 10 winners. Olympus Biotech was selected as part of the top 10 overall and ultimately the top spot for the best large company. This year’s honor continues a legacy of this distinction, as the facility has been previously named to the Best Company top-five list in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 with induction to the Hall of Fame in 2009 and 2010.

“Working for Olympus Biotech has been a rewarding experience,” says Alanya Engtrakul, Project Manager, Operational Excellence. “The people who work here understand the effort put forth by the company to engage employees by providing the best benefits possible and an atmosphere to match, so I’m thrilled that it’s being noticed by others too. I’m proud to be with a company that’s considered the best place to work in the state.”


About Olympus Biotech Corporation

Olympus Biotech was established in December, 2010 as a wholly owned company of Olympus Corporation. The vision of Olympus Biotech is to improve the patient Quality of Life by developing and distributing Regenerative Medicines that stimulate the intrinsic healing capacity in the living body by the technological development of growth factors and biomaterials.