NEW YORK - Access Pharmaceuticals Inc., (OTCBB: ACCP), an emerging biotechnology company, announced today that it is leveraging its proprietary CobaCyteT drug delivery platform technology to create new formulations of active pharmaceutical agents.

Access recently submitted an additional patent application to protect improvements in the technology and expand applications, and is actively seeking development partners globally. Access compared single doses of CobraxaneT, its proprietary nanoparticle formulation of commercially available protein-bound paclitaxel, with Abraxane@ in a standard mouse tumor model. At a dose of CobraxaneT which was half that of the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) of the standard paclitaxel particles, CobraxaneT demonstrated slightly better tumor growth inhibition than the MTD dose of standard paclitaxel particles.

CobraxaneT, injected at the same dose as the MTD dose of standard paclitaxel particles, provided significantly better tumor growth inhibition than the MTD dose of standard paclitaxel particles. Tumor shrinkage was observed at the higher dose of CobraxaneT. Access believes the preclinical data observed is a strong indicator of potential clinical and commercial value of CobraxaneT.

"It is known that certain diseased cells, notably cancer, have an elevated demand for certain vitamins, including vitamin B12, making our Cobalamin platform technology compelling for reformulations of cancer-killing agents nearing the end of their patent life," stated Jeffrey B. Davis, President and CEO of Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"As pharmaceutical companies seek ways to create new formulations for the active drugs, and extend their patent runway, we believe our CobaCyteT platform technology can be the necessary enabling technology."

Access' worldwide-exclusive patented CobalaminT technology utilizes the body's natural vitamin B12 uptake mechanisms to facilitate absorption of pharmaceuticals and other active agents via a "Trojan horse" mechanism. Cobalamin transport can be amplified by the use of proprietary nanoparticles or polymers that can greatly amplify uptake.

This technology platform provides Access with the ability to develop different formulations with improved benefits for various disease applications. The Company believes its Cobalamin drug delivery technology has broad application to proteins, small molecule drugs, hormones and potentially sRNAi therapeutics, and has recently accelerated its corporate partnering efforts around the technology.

Abraxane@ is a registered trademark of Celgene Corporation.