The PCMM (Portable Continuous Miniature & Modular) from GEA Pharma Systems and G-CON (Booth 2421) comprises a system that integrates a small footprint, continuous processing equipment, smart control systems and PODs (portable, self-contained GMP modules) to process API powders and inactive ingredients through to bulk tablets.

Designed to address the changing requirements of pharma development and manufacturing, PCMM aims to meet the industry’s needs for continuous processing in a flexible, self-contained manufacturing space. The PODs are a cost-effective alternative to large, highly capitalized manufacturing facilities with fixed equipment and limited flexibility. PCMM is a result of a collaboration between GEA Pharma Systems, G-CON and Pfizer to develop next generation processing technologies for OSD forms.

Taking center stage at Interphex is the megaPOD, a standardized, self-contained, portable GMP facility with a manufacturing technology platform that can be used for development and commercial purposes — using the same equipment at the same scale. The system is pre-engineered to be potentially faster, easier and often less expensive to build and can be easily replicated, redeployed and reassembled.

“We believe our presence at Interphex, with a show POD and GEA Pharma Systems equipment, provides a great opportunity to demonstrate and discuss the system’s potential and opportunities,” said Maik Jornitz, COO of G-CON Manufacturing. “We’re looking forward to explaining the capabilities of our combined technologies, particularly in terms of continuous and flexible manufacturing.”

“As traditional systems become less sustainable, the pharmaceutical industry is looking for new facility innovations; PODs play a key role in the drive towards the implementation of rapidly deployable, copy/paste solutions,” he added, “Modular structures will be replaced or at least enhanced by next-generation POD technology.”

“This integrated approach addresses the current needs of the pharmaceutical industry and its global supply chain by pooling engineering resources to offer a flexible, continuous and contained manufacturing system for OSD products,” added Richard Steiner, Business Development Manager at GEA Pharma Systems. “With an advanced control system for in-process product tracking and quality assurance, this is not just another experimental prototype; this is a reliable and sustainable innovation that reduces capital investment and operational costs at the same time.”

The PODs are designed for rapid construction and deployment; they can be disassembled and moved, allowing manufacturers to produce small batches of drugs exactly when and where they’re needed.

This first-of-a-kind system could transform the future of pharmaceutical process development and manufacturing while providing the flexibility needed for in-country and small-lot manufacturing. Additionally, it could allow product development, clinical supply manufacture and commercialization to take place using identical processing equipment, simplifying process transfer, eliminating scale-up and significantly reducing API consumption during R&D.